At TEN Marketing we share over 30 years of combined experience in the Marketing industry. This has enabled us to evolve into new communication trends while applying the knowledge we've aquired over the years. 


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Guerrilla Marketing



At TEN Marketing Group we specialize in the design of guerrilla marketing activations that achieve long lasting impressions and high recall levels. The combination of non-traditional media with highly creative concepts results in memorable initiatives that boost brand equities.

Most Guerrilla Marketing strategies involve a purely tactical activation followed by a viral online component that elevates the initial narrow reach to a massive level. It is Social Media and other targeted online channels that allows a Guerrilla activation to rival mainstream media in terms of reach, impact, memorability and ROI effectiveness. Each activation is tailored to fit each one of our clients brand profile and short-term objectives while maintaining perfect compatibility with the global marketing plan. The key is non-traditional thinking, thorough knowledge of the Puerto Rico markets and the activation of top-level resources.  

Guerrilla Marketing is gradually becoming a mainstream communication channel that is increasingly securing ever growing pieces of modern marketing budgets. It is our goal to establish the highest standard within the Guerrilla Marketing arena in Puerto Rico by making innovation the one ingredient that carries the outmost importance. We are confident that each one of our high-profile activations will help redefine the concept of cost-efficient marketing and will establish the ROI bar for the advertising industry.