At TEN Marketing we share over 30 years of combined experience in the Marketing industry. This has enabled us to evolve into new communication trends while applying the knowledge we've aquired over the years. 


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After all is said and done, branding remains. Any marketing communication without an at least partial focus on branding results in just generic noise. At TEN Marketing Group we strive to go beyond brand recognition and develop a unique and clear “voice” for each brand. It is through this creative approach that we enable consumer loyalty and intimate relationships with the brand. To achieve this, creativity is key.

Our creative team takes pride in non-traditional story telling. We find fresh ways to communicate concepts taking advantage of any competitive edge available through any particular media outlet. It being a cinema clip or a printed newspaper ad, we focus on designing pieces that break through the noise caused by marketing saturation within our market. Consumers are more savvy than ever before, so each creative concept must be embedded with compelling triggers that will be memorable through impact.  This approach is designed to validate each brands market positioning while promoting the growth of any existing brand equity. Each campaign should and must enhance the uniqueness and long term value of the brand and often promote a viral response by giving the audience something interesting to talk about. We are convinced that a well designed advertising message will carry on beyond the medium limitations by capitalizing on the audience itself as a powerful media outlet.