At TEN Marketing we share over 30 years of combined experience in the Marketing industry. This has enabled us to evolve into new communication trends while applying the knowledge we've aquired over the years. 


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Each market along with the rest of the world are logged in. The web has grown to become a mainstream media with powerful attributes. Our challenge has being redefined from securing massive impressions to the actual delivery of measurable ROI. It’s all about conversion, whether it's sales, database generations or a purely tactical consumer engagement initiative.

It is through a thorough understanding of current web technologies that we define the existing playground and establish limitations and windows of opportunities. This task becomes an everlasting challenge due to the web's accelerating innovation that leads to constant change and rapid technology obsolescence.

Through our vast online strategy design experience, we are able to dig beyond the obvious to achieve a better understanding of what makes people click on such an overcrowded medium. Here, the rules of the game shift from traditional brand and offering communication to establishing up-close-and-personal relationships and experiences with the audience. Our tools of the trade include promo micro-sites, proprietary Facebook promotional modules, tactical landing pages, search and display ad campaigns, the strategic use of existing databases for e-mail blasts, and complex SEO strategies. Each initiative is carefully targeted to enable detailed measuring and analysis. And it is through the use of smart and sensible metrics that we convert every online effort into solid building blocks that will support future web campaigns. Understanding the online arena enables us to better understand each market, consumer online behaviors and patterns, and ultimately, the keys to conversion. When it comes to views and clicks, “Quality over Quantity” becomes the name of the game.