At TEN Marketing we share over 30 years of combined experience in the Marketing industry. This has enabled us to evolve into new communication trends while applying the knowledge we've aquired over the years. 


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It takes more than a stage, a band, food and beverage to create a compelling event. The mission of each event becomes the foundation over which we design unique experiences that shift away from the ordinary. Events don’t need to be big in order to create a big impression. We design experiences that are memorable, meaningful and perfectly aligned with the consumers likes in order to exceed their expectations. It takes non-traditional thinking to create non-traditional moments.

The key to event design is to always deliver the unexpected. To wrap the audience into a fresh scenario that compels them to share that unique experience with others while securing all ties and links between the event and the sponsoring brand. We present expected things in unexpected ways and make sure that all components and logistics work cohesively towards a WOW moment that will be memorable and long lasting.

Behind all visible components of each event lies a strategy focused on achieving specific goals wether they are brand related or of a different nature, such as fund raising. We specialize in events such as brand proprietary, product launchings, corporate, fund raising, and community service. In each one, the brand or entity becomes the main character upon which a reaction from the audience is strategically provoked. Elements are put in place to promote such reaction and measure their effectiveness. The balanced mix of superb creativity with strategic thinking is what delivers a successful event within any market.